Hotel Web Design in Tenerife

We build a website for your Hotel in Tenerife.

Having a website gives credibility to your business and increases the probability of winning that guest.

Most bookings by millennials are done through travel agencies, but 52% of the guests first visit the website of the hotel to find more information.

By having a website made for your hotel in Tenerife, your guests can engage 24/7 with your business and encourages guests to book directly with you. This practice could save you a lot of money.

Erupt is specialized in building custom-made websites, with extras like booking systems, livechats and many more features that could richly benefit your hotel. Contact our free livechat for more information.

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We design a website for your hotel in the Canary Islands that matches the luxury it provides, and is easy to use for your guests.


We can develop all necessary tools needed for your guests, like online booking systems, livechat, maps, contact, FAQ, excursion booking tool and more.


Without a server that supports it, a website would not exist. Erupt has SSD driven servers that make loading your website flawless!


All clients who sign up for one of our programs get free monthly support, which includes security updates and backups for 30 days.

As per Social Media Today, 46% of all searches on Google are for map locations, and that implies individuals are searching for nearby hotels on the web. Having no website will mean that they will find your competitors instead of you!

At Erupt we have all the tools to make your hotel’s digital image a perfect invitation for new guests. Besides creating of websites with support in Tenerife and the other Canary Islands we also provide other services like Photography, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Branding.


Our clients.