Static HTML5 or a WordPress website? We help you decide!

It is shocking to learn that given the vast benefits of digital marketing, only 53% worldwide of small businesses own websites. In the Canary Islands, those statistics score way lower. What is most shocking is that 20% of small to medium-sized businesses are afraid of spending a fortune in building websites. They do not realize how low the costs of building websites have dropped. What these people are missing, is the knowledge that they may only need €100 to set up and launch a website. This is enough to get you a domain name, website hosting, WordPress installation, and theme within a few minutes. Comparing the cost of the setup versus the benefits, it is not wise to stick to the notion that it costs too much to expand your business online. There is no combination of regular marketing strategies that can come close to digital marketing. The effectiveness of digital marketing is unmatched.

The Options

Making the decision to own a website comes with considerations of various underlying factors. In summary, you will need to choose among the options presented. You want easy to use, mostly functional, and attractive looking websites. WordPress and static HTML pages remain the biggest options you have. This means you either build the website from scratch or find help with guided templates to complete the website of your choice. Before examining their benefits, let us first define the two options you have.

Static HTML

Static HTML comprises basic HTML and CSS exclusively to build webpages. The resulting webpage does not change depending on the users; it looks the same to everyone accessing it form wherever they do it. You may add dynamic content for different visitors but this is minimal and rarely used. Mostly, static pages sit on a server and remain the same as the name suggests. This is the original and traditional method of building websites and require professional help.


WordPress is a form of Content Management System (CMS) that manages websites. Although most people still consider it a blogging application thanks to its previous reputation, WordPress is a reliable CMS. Initially, the platform helped millions to build blogs and share their personal opinion on matters but seeing the effectiveness of the results, it was important to introduce the business aspect and make money out of business websites. Although casual and recreational sites are in abundance too, WordPress has helped many businesses to build reliable online platforms that engage their customers. It has grown into the most popular CMS worldwide because of its ease of use. You do not need much professional help to edit a website in WordPress. In fact, you do not need any knowledge of HTML. You can click away at the instructions and make full installations online. Here are some benefits of each option presented to you when ready to build your website:


This latest version of a static website comes with an abundance of advantages ranging from high speed to optimum security for ultimate reliability.

1. Reliability
You will not be experiencing frequent data errors. Today, your HTML files can be hosted from anywhere with ease. In case there is an attack on the server, the website is simply redirected to another close node. It acts as a dynamic alternative.

2. Scalability
You can handle massive traffic on this website without any problem with responding to visitor demands. With increased bandwidth, you can boost old static websites to scale up. You do not have to suffer the cumbersomeness of using complex codes to restore the efficiency of the website.


With WordPress, you can create, edit, manage and publish content on your website the need for learning any programming language. It is not just a platform for blogging anymore, but the most reliable content management system hosting eCommerce sites and professional portfolios.

1. Saves Costs
To avoid spending at least €2,000, you can build your own platform easily and fast from the resources available on WordPress. You will also be saving on the yearly fees that come with traditional web hosting. For a small business, you do not want to spend a fortune on marketing. WordPress helps you save all these fees with a starting fee of as low as approximately €100.

2. Direct Access
WordPress gives you the option of cutting out the middleman to your website. Maintaining a website is a lot of work and you need to make updates to meet the standards of the changing world. For example, you need to measure up to the latest mobile technology and pay for extra security to prevent hacker attacks. You also need to add new pages and content frequently to keep your visitors engage. This is where WordPress solves the problem. The parent website is managed by WordPress and all you need is install security plugins whenever they are available to protect your website from harm

3. Themes
Perhaps the most exciting thing about WordPress is the abundance of themes available to choose from. You can keep your preferences and make the most out of your colors and designs. There are thousands of attractive WordPress themes to build any type of website. All you need to do is focus on the interests of your target market before completing the design.