Why your business in Tenerife needs an excellent Social Media presence

Social media is a crowded platform with diverse personalities and lots of business opportunities. As much as many people are branding social media as bad, the positives are many compared to the negatives. For a business in Tenerife and around the globe, social media is an important tool in many ways and for it to be beneficial, the business has to establish a presence to expose its relevance. Here are the reasons why your business needs a good social media presence.

Credibility and trust

With a good presence on social media, you will obviously gain trust from users. You could be doing this by creating useful content that they’ll appreciate and go on to check your products or services. People will even take their precious time commenting on positive things regarding your business. This will increase the number of people that will trust you and hence increase customers. Credibility on social media is easy to gain if you dedicate effort to make your business look good. Erupt works with a team of professional social media managers who can help you grow your business in Tenerife or any other country around the world.

Awareness for locals and tourists in Tenerife

Whenever you visit a foreign country, google is a very important tool to find information about basically everything you need. If you have a good social media presence, you have a high chance locals and tourists find your page. The nature of your business presence on social media will determine whether it will gain popularity or not. If you practice a good content marketing strategy, people will sure flock on your pages. One person will refer another and the chain reaction will eventually make your page super popular. People will obviously want to know what your products or services look like and hence your sales will dramatically increase.

Search engine visibility – Tenerife SEO

If you establish a good social media presence, you will be known by many people and if your engagement increases, search engines will notice and elevate your rank. If your business brand receives negativity from social media users, your search engine visibility will also be hurt. Social media platforms are the easiest way to make your business look good which will also boost where your business will rank on google. A good rank in Google will help a ton by promoting your business to the people who visit or live in Tenerife.

Personal touch

When you own a business, you can’t post cute cat videos on your official website especially if they aren’t relevant to the content you put up. However, whatever you like can be posted strategically on social media to reveal shreds of personality. This is a way to connect with your customers as people get more attached to relatable businesses. A good presence on social media allows you to be vulnerable and your customers will love you for it. Remember if you post a picture or video about your cute puppy, people will share the link and, in the process get to know your business.

Brand loyalty

Have you ever distributed T-shirts for your brand? If you have, you know the feeling when someone wears it and tags your company on their awesome post. When your business has a good media presence, there are many possibilities of it having loyal customers. Just like outlined above, people like relatability, not just a brand they know online. A good social media presence creates a circle of loyal customers. Loyal customers will market your business and bring more sales as the customers increase.


Customers find it much easier to leave feedback about services on social media more than elsewhere. When one buys a product from your offline or online business, they are likely to comment about it when they stumble on your business page. From there, you can interact and create a connection with the customer and other people too. From social media, you can reach out to customers and create a community that would benefit your business. They can ask questions that they yearn answers for and as you make it clearer, the odds of them buying from you get bigger.


Where your brand is known for its greatness is the place you can gain power. When your business establishes a good social media presence, the loyal customers will bring other business owners to your chambers. They’ll see how everyone loves your business and they’ll want to work with you. This way, you can get to collaborate and shine a light on other businesses while benefiting hugely. Partnerships start with competitors knowing what customers say about your business. If it’s good, they’ll want a share and you’ll get to expand your roots.

Long-term advantage

People use social media every day and many follow business pages and unfollow them a while later. However, a good social media presence will ensure that you maintain contact with your customers without them getting bored with your business. Relevance is what you do not want to lose because people will hop to the next counterpart in a short time. However, when you strive to maintain and increase your following, there is a huge chance that you’ll be on the top in the game. A good social media presence ensures that people are in touch with what you provide in the long term.

Social media is a great tool for your business marketing strategy. However, a good social media presence is much more important. It will give you another avenue to expand awareness of your business and hence lead to more sales and more opportunities. All you have to do is identify which platform will be good for your niche. When you do, marketing will be easy as you would have a certain angle you can work on. Social media is a useful tool for growing your business. Maintaining a good presence is even more powerful.